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Heated Shrimp Scampi 

No compelling reason to haul out numerous pots and searches for gold Prepared Shrimp Scampi. The whole dish is prepared in the broiler! 


16 oz. linguine pasta uncooked 

1 glass white wine see note 

3 glasses low-sodium chicken stock 

2 Tbsp lemon juice 

2 Tbsp Dijon mustard 

1 medium white onion diced 

1½ Tbsp garlic minced 

½ glass Parmesan cheddar ground and partitioned (in addition to additional for enhancement) 

2 pounds extensive crude shrimp shelled and deveined yet with tails on 

¼ container unsalted spread softened 

½ container Panko-style bread pieces 

3 Tbsp Italian parsley cleaved (in addition to additional for trimming) 


Preheat broiler to 425°F. 

Softly shower a 9"x13" heating dish with cooking splash. Spread the pasta equitably into heating dish. (Note: If necessary, don't hesitate to break pasta into equal parts.) 

Utilizing a medium blending bowl, include wine, chicken stock, lemon juice, mustard, onion, garlic and some Parmesan cheddar; whisk together until very much joined. Pour this blend over uncooked pasta and mix delicately. 

Spread dish firmly with foil and heat for 20 minutes. 

Expel foil and blend. Substitute foil and keep preparing for 20 additional minutes. (Note: Mixing is imperative here as the pasta will in general bunch together if it's not worked up a bit.) 

Utilizing a vast blending bowl, include shrimp, liquefied margarine, Panko-style bread morsels, remaining ¼ glass Parmesan cheddar and slashed parsley; hurl until very much consolidated. Spread this blend equitably over pasta. 

Heat revealed for 10-12 additional minutes. 

Prior to serving, decorate with extra cleaved parsley and Parmesan cheddar. 


On the off chance that you favor, you can preclude the white wine and utilize some chicken stock

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